Task 10: Powerful Classrooms

Leadership with education

1.1 WATCH this TED talk by Christopher Edmin entitled ‘Teach Teachers How to Create Magic’.

[Teach Teachers How to Create Magic]

1.2 READ this paper from Alan H. Schoenfeld entitled ‘What Makes for Powerful Classrooms, and How Can We Support Teachers in Creating Them? A Story of Research and Practice, Productively Intertwined.’  [Focus on ‘Case 3’ (Page 3 onwards) and the Tables and Figures outlining the TRU model]

1.3 WRITE a 500 word think-piece summing up your thoughts on the article and video, and post it below. You may wish to consider:

  • What is your opinion of the recommendations put forth in both the article and the video?
  • What connections did the video and article make with your past experiences and with other big ideas we’ve explored?

[1.4] BONUS Check out Dan Meyer’s 3-Act Maths lesson ideas


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